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2009-12-31 09:40:00 by Sonicnaruto12

Sonicnaruto12 is a faggot so i stole his account


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2009-12-31 12:58:57

mhermeiser, you rock!!!! he was kinda annoying!! :) THANK YOU!


2009-12-31 15:03:56

There are three types of people on the "interwebs":
Total noobs,
Lifeless trolls,
and the People with actual lives.

The Lifeless trolls spend their time looking for Total noobs to "rip on", as one of them might say.

The Total Noobs spend their time trying to be accepted-usually in the wrong ways. The Lifeless trolls (The main part of the population) will never admit it, but there is hope for these souls.

The People with actual lives hunt down Lifeless trolls ripping on Total noobs, and stand up for the total noobs, usually going on to teach them how to be a Person with an actual life.

So basically it's a battle between the People with actual lives and the Lifeless trolls for control of the Total noobs. The Lifeless trolls want them gone, while the People with actual lives just want them to behave.

You=Lifeless troll
Me=Person with actual life
SonicNaruto=Total noob

And frankly, I must say, "GTFO."